Why is Schoolintra a great educational tool for me?

It is quick and easy to do attendance check, comments or even grades for each lesson.

Schoolintra as a great educational tool

SchoolIntra gives the teacher simple tools, which create a better framework for the daily education. It is fast and easy do attendance check, either for one day or for each lesson. Grades and comments for each lesson make it easy to follow up, and gives the teacher a better overview. Communication between the home and the school will be much easier. Parents will be able to check comments and homework. The teacher can quickly communicate with parents when it´s relevant. As a teacher you can registry homework for each and every lesson so the student can look it up from home. It´s also possible to upload files which the student are to use in their Work.

Is it not a huge complicated system which will take time to learn?

SchoolIntra is simple and functional which makes it very user friendly. Every day use of the SchoolIntra system, is easier than online banking and much easier to login. For every day use there is also an app, which has the same functions as the website. You don’t need to go on a computer all the time. You can just use your smartphone.