Why is SchoolIntra a good tool for my child?

Schoolintra will give the student an overview that no other system can. It is the most intuitive system to date. It is easy to look up what is going to happen in school tomorrow on a smartphone.

Why is SchoolIntra so practical for me?

As a parent you can easily follow the school day of you child by having access to what assignments or homework your child needs to have prepared for any specific lesson. At the same time you will follow what your child is learning in school.

You can also receive comments from the teachers in specific lessons, so that good and bad news will be communicated fast and efficiently. Just as grades for assignments and test will be accessible the moment they are recorded in the system.

Our attendance system makes it possible as parent to keep an eye on the attendance of your child. If absent or late, a notification will be sent as push message to your app.

Our message system makes it easy to contact the school.

The system is very user friendly. If you can use social websites, then you can use SchoolIntra.

Our free app makes it possible for you to receive push messages, whenever there is something relevant for in SchoolIntra. Most parents don’t need anything other than the app.

The system automatically sends a message whenever you child is absent, has a comment, a grade etc. All your child receives of grades, comments, messages etc. will you receive as well.