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The system is easy and user friendly for teachers, students and parents.

Minimum number of courses is required. If you are able to use social networking tools, such as facebook, you will be able to use Schoolintra system easily


As a parent you can easily follow the school day of you child by having access to what assignments or homework your child needs to have prepared for any specific lesson.

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You get a clear overview of what is going to happen on which days. That way you will always come to school well prepared.

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As a teacher you can registry homework for each and every lesson so the student can look it up from home. It´s also possible to upload files which the student are to use in their Work.

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It is also possible to message students in the whole school at once, or limit the message for one class only.

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Statistical data associated with quality development can be extremely relevant to identify areas that require more resources, and identify specific areas of expertise.

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