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How do I add a new student?

How do I change personal information?

  • How to change password?
  • How to change mode of notification on website or in app for mobile device?
  • How to change mail adress?

I would like to change my password?

Click -My Profile-, and write the new password and repeat it.

Do I need a mail adress to use SchoolIntra?

Yes, you do need a mail adress.

How do I give home assignments?

How do I add a new parent?

How do I delete a student?

How do I delete lessons?

How do I create a new group?

How do I add a new teacher?

How do I change the settings for the school?

  • How do I set the number of lessons for a day?
  • How do I add new classes/subjects?
  • How do I set the scale for the grades?
  • How do I set the reasons for the grades?

How do I delete all lessons for a specific week for a specific group?

How to access assignments, grades, comments, and attendance?

How do I (as a parent) choose one of my other children?

How do I send messages?

The Teachers Blackboard

  • How do I create a lesson?
  • How do I write a comment to a lesson?
  • How do I assign grades?
  • How do I do attendance?

I change my profile, but nothing happens?

You have to click -Update- in order to make any changes take effect.

I cannot find my parents/children in the system, when I search for them?

Write their mail adress in the search field by the search icon and click it to make the system start searching.

I can not see my assignments in the calender?

If you se no icons in your lesson boxes, you have have no assignments. If you see an icon, you need to click the lesson to get to your assigments, attendance and grades.

I have not received a mail with a password, even though I am registrered?

Look in the Unwanted/junk/spam folder of your mail box. It might be hiding there.
Or simply request a new password by the login window and look in your mail once Again.

Who receives the notifications sent to the mobile app?

The student receives the notification as long as the app is installed to her/his mobile device. The parents of the students receives all that their children receive. Both Messages and notificications through the app.