It must be as easy as possible for students and parents to get relevant information for them, without having to search.

Schoolintra is a web based intranet for schools

SchoolIntra is a web based intranet for schools. It has been designed as a relatively simple and user friendly solution for schools, teachers, students and parents like. The system is based on a customer oriented solution. It has to easy and simple for parents and student to use the system without having to look for what might be relevant. SchoolIntra will alert the user through notifications of what is relevant for just that user, and no one else. That is why it was important for us to develop a corresponding app, which saved our users the trouble of having to log in to check notifications. The app will through push notifications tell the user, whenever they need to check SchoolIntra. SchoolIntra is the most modern and intuitive system in the world with most functions in one system.

The System has all of the functions and more:

  • Records attendance, either for every lesson or on daily basis.
  • Possibility to write a comment for every student for every lesson.
  • Makes it possible to describe the content of every lesson and noting down the homework for it.
  • Possibility of uploading files relevant for each lesson, so students can prepare better.
  • Grading possible for every lesson, with an infinite number of disciplines for each subject.
  • PDF-generator that can create grade papers for each student with suggested grades baed on grade point average.
  • A message system that allows for messaging on one on one basis, or large groups, such as teachers, classes etc.
  • App’s for teachers, students and parents.
  • The app’s recieves push messages, so students and parents don’t need to log in to check if there anything relevant for them.
Schoolintra is a dynamic product, which is being developed and perfected all the time. This means that new functions will be added over time.