Sharing of your content and information


You own all the content and all the information you put on

However, you grant us the right to have content that is protected by intellectual property rights, including photos and videos (iP) content. This right is a non-exclusive, transferable, licensable and royalty-free global license to use any content that you share with others through schoolintra (IP license). Private messaging between users is however excluded. This entitlement ends as soon you delete the shared content, unless others that you have shared content with, have shared it with others. SchoolIntra reserves the right at all times to use your content, traffic and other use of to make anonymous statistical analyzes of all data and anonymous reporting for internal use and for third parties. Statistsical data may not be erased.

Deleted IP content may be in the backup copy for a limited time period, but it will not be accessible to others.

Feedback and suggestions on SchoolIntra are always welcome. We are in no way obliged to pay for them, if we should choose to use your feedback or suggestions.



We do our best to keep SchoolIntra secure, but it cannot be guaranteed. In this context, users of SchoolIntra are obliged to act in accordance to SchoolIntra’s safety policy.

It is against SchoolIntra’s security policy to:

Enable unauthorized commercial communications (including spam) onto SchoolIntra.

Gather content or information about users or by any other means accessing SchoolIntra through an automated process (including all forms of robots collection programs and webscrapers) without our prior permission.

Engage in unlawful multi-level marketing, including pyramid ventures in SchoolIntra.

Transfer viruses or other codes that are malicious.

Ask for another person’s login information or log into someone else’s account.

Bully, threaten, intimidate or harass other users.

Share content that is: racist, hateful, threatening, pornographic, encourages violence, contains nudity or unjustified violence.

Use Schoolintra to do something criminal, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.

Do something that could destroy, overburden, or impair SchoolIntras behavior or appearance, including attacking the service or interfere with viewing pages or other SchoolIntra functionality.

Encourage others to violate this declaration or any of our terms.

Registration and Account Security


SchoolIntra users must use their real names and information.

SchoolIntra requires all users to:

Enter their correct personal information on SchoolIntra.

Create only one personal account.

SchoolIntra users may not:

Create an account in someone else’s name without his knowledge or permission.

Create a new account without our permission, if we disable your account.

Use SchoolIntra if you are a convicted sex offender.

Not share passwords with others, or give others access to your account, or do anything that might compromise the security of your account.

If you choose an inappropriate name, we reserve the right to remove it or require that you change it. ‘Inappropriate’ also covers trademarks and brand names.

Protection of the rights of others


At SchoolIntra we respect other people’s rights and have an expectation that our users do the same. This means that you do not share content or conduct on SchoolIntra that infringes or violates someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law.

We may without notice remove all content and all information you have shared on SchoolIntra if we believe that it violates our terms.

If you repeatedly infringe other people’s intellectual property rights, we will, if necessary, disable your account.

You may not use any of SchoolIntra’s copyright or trademarks (includes but is not limited to SchoolIntra,, school intra-logos, and board) without our prior written consent.

You may not share individuals, institutions and companies identification documents or sensitive financial information on SchoolIntra.