Here are some of the schools that use Schoolintra!


The users say

At the Copenhagen City Heart International School we started to use Schoolintra in January 2013. We started to introduce the system to teachers and made a mini- workshop that all may learn to use the system. After two months, we introduced the system to our students. We started using Schoolintra to protocol, and lesson signals in the students’ online forms in Schoolintra. It took a while for teachers to get used to writing homework in the system , but after a few weeks was all started using it and it worked very well. Students are now extremely pleased system , as they always have access to their online forms – even if they have been absent due to illness or other reasons.

Some parents at our school had some requests for us to improve communication between school and home. We therefore introduced Schoolintra app to parents in August 2013 and adopted at the school that it was the school intra future we have to make all school / home communication. The app is very user friendly and simple . Teachers write messages to parents and they get messages in their phones immediately. We have met our parents’ desire to improve school / home communication and it works currently optimally at our school . I have been enormously positive feedback from many parents.

If in at your school wants all students to be kept updated and will improve your school / home communication is Schoolintra a perfect solution for you.

Nedzat Asanovski

Headmaster, Østerbro International School

Schoolintra is in my opinion a very powerful tool in school, home and student collaboration. It is very easy and intuitive to use . The interface and menus are clear and easy to get to. The teacher can very easily lead Protocol , giving homework , write messages , inform parents, giving characters and assess each pupil’s activity in class.

Schoolintra is very stable and I have never experienced the system has been down . Students also seem to Schoolintra is to make their lives easier and more manageable. They are happy that they always know what they have and that they have a feel for how they are ranked class academically and socially.

Parents’ reactions are also positive . They know where their children are , if they are late to class if their children truant , and they can follow their children’s school life in an easy and straightforward manner. This means that they feel up to date with their children’s development and that they can talk with their children and the school in a relevant way.

Thorkel Bering-Jensen

Teacher, Hay Skolen