The creation of Schoolintra was motivated by the need to ease the communication between teachers and parents.

It seemed obvious to move a the greater part of the school/home communication to smartphone instead of the traditional notes and computer logins.

The people behind Schoolintra has many years of experience with teaching and IT in schools.

Which Schools

  • Østerbro International School
  • Nilen Privatskole
  • Salix Privatskole
  • Furesø Privatskole
  • Fyns Privatskole
  • Høje Taastrup Privatskole
  • Phønix Privatskole
  • Østjylland Privatskole
  • Ballerup Privatskole
  • Hay Skolen
  • Nørrebro Privatskolen
  • Slagelse Privatskole
  • and more…